Michel Salgado believes that Zidane was destined to coach Real Madrid one day

Former Real Madrid player Michel Salgado believes that it was destiny that brought Zinedine Zidane to coach Real Madrid.

He believes that Zidane has everything needed to succeed at Real Madrid. He said that even he was playing, Zidane was a respected person and that he had the character needed to manage at the highest level. He said that every time Zidane entered the dressing room when he was a player, his teammates will always listen to him.

Salgado believes that it is wrong to criticize Zidane because of a lack of character. Although the former French player may appear to be shy, he has a winning mentality and attitude that will allow him to deal with players.

He said that Zidane already has the experience needed since he has been a top player. It is the same with Pep Guardiola he argued. Both players have had experienced as players, and they will both succeed as managers. He said that the Madrid fans are quite pleased with the appointment of Zidane, and so far he has been brought excellent results whether it is in Spain or in the Champions League.

For Salgado to make the transition from being a top player to a top manager, require that you learn how to deal with players and their egos. He said that Zinedine Zidane has the qualities needed to achieve this, and he is sure that he will succeed at the top level.

He has asked people to give Zidane some time before judging him and also take consideration that he has been appointed in the middle of the season. He said that he has inherited a struggling team and that it will take time for him to improve it.

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