Michel Salgado wantstobuy Celta de Vigo

There appears to be something that always brings back soccer players to the pitch even after they have announced their desire to hang up their boots and retire.

The vast majority of football players that retire always come back to the world of football and even though they aren’t performing at a competitive level anymore, those retirees usually take up another job relating to the sport.

ZinedineZidane retired after the 2006 World Cup and came back to coach Real Madrid a few years later and this is the story of many well-known figures who either become a coach, a director of a club or something similar.

Michel Salgado opted to withdraw himself from competitive football back on 2011 and he stayed rather hidden and secluded from the world for a few years but Salgado decided to come out of retirement at the age of 40 as he joined the Futsal team Kochi 5s in an Indian competition.

Now that the Indian Futsal tournament has reached it’s end, Salgado has recently showed intentions of getting back to the world of football but as a club owner as he wants to buy Celta de Vigo.

Salgado has been attempting to outright buy Celta de Vigo as the club is currently going through a sale process with a Chinese consortium interested in buying the football club but the former Real Madrid player, Michel Salgado does not want to see the club switching hands to an entity outside of Spain and this is why he launched an offer but it’s believed that the transfer to the Chinese consortium is at the verge of being completed and that it was too late for Michel Salgado to do anything about it.

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