Salgado praises Ronaldo

Former Real Madrid player Michel Salgado has praised Cristiano Ronaldo for winning the Ballon d’Or four times.

He said that this is more impressive that he has managed to do this against a player of the quality of Lionel Messi.

He said that this is a proof of Ronaldo’s quality and that this is a legitimate title as different people have voted it. He said that it is never easy to win such a trophy and doing it against a player like Lionel Messi is impressive.

He believes that Cristiano Ronaldo has been the best player in the world over the course of last season and rightly deserve to win this title.

He said that the Portuguese international is a quality player and that he always gives his best whether on the pitch or on the training ground.

Michel Salgado said that he has not spent a lot of time with Cristiano Ronaldo, but he believes that he is a lot like Luis Figo. He said that he is an important player for his club and that just as Luis Figo he has a great winning mentality.

Michel Salgado has also commented on the present Real Madrid team and believes that it is better than the one he played in. He said that there are far more quality players in the Real Madrid team at the moment and that they do not rely on only one goalscorer.

He believes that there is far more consistency in the team at the moment and they should be favorite to win the title. However, he admitted that Barcelona also has a good team and that it would not easy to win the title.

But if Ronaldo remains in top form, he thinks that they could have a great chance of winning the title.

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