Michel Salgado Part Of Premier Futsal

If you are looking at the latest news surrounding Salgado, this player would be joining the likes of players like Ronaldinho, Giggs and others like Crespo and Scholes who would be appearing in Premier Futsal.

These players would play the inaugural tournament, which will premiere in India this very month. For the tournament Falcao would be the sixth player of marquee category. Being a Brazilian legend in Futsal, he would be playing the inaugural match which will be held on July 15th in Chennai. Deco was also supposed to play, but this former Portugal and Barcelona star player has had to withdraw since he is injured.

There would be six franchises that would be playing the Premier Futsal. These franchises are not yet registered with FIFA or the Indian federation and each would represent or feature a marquee star. The franchises would represent regions like Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Bengaluru, Goa and Kolkata.

These would then be divided into two groups as they would play the finals which would reach Goa around July 23rd. The Co founder of Premier Futsal stated that, there had been several attempts to tarnish the image of the tournament and there have been several false allegations. However, braving all such oppositions, the tournament would be scheduled to start off on July 15th in the city of Chennai. The league would take place only in the two cities, first in Chennai and then in Goa. There would be six franchises playing. Players who are considered to be legends would be there to support the games. They will be arriving to support the teams within a few days. Futsal has been inaugurated this year and it is hoped that the league will expand in the coming years with more encouragement from the masses and the international playing arena.

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