Michel Salgado Call On Lewandowski: “It Will Be A Great Move”

Michel Salgado leaved his impressions about his requirement of Real Madrid in the summer market. The players have been one of the most involved with people during the World Cup in Russia. He was linked to the number of ‘games’ that represent retired footballers and have also been the part of many other events.

When Salgado was asked questions in who he thinks can be the attack reference after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. Currently, it looks like Asensio and Bale have to be the players as they have stepped forward and started throwing the team on their backs when team comes in difficult moments. They are putting efforts to bring the team on the track and giving them the wins that they deserve.

The one that was laterally accepted that to its way of looking at things, the entrance of a forward of the cut of Robert Lewandowski “a positive and a good movement”. It is something which Real Madrid was looking for “in the last years but could achieve”.

He further added that, at the present time he is “one of the best. He is playing well and have acquired a good position in the team he is playing” and though he is well aware of the fact that incorporating this “is difficult”, he is not interested in knowing is he will really want to “try Madrid at this time when he has spent so many years with Germany “.

In spite of the Salgado desire the only real opportunity to join the discipline of Madridista at this point of time is Thibaut Courtois. He has become the priority and he could reach the Santiago Bernabéu. The price for reaching here is around 40 million Euros.

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