Paulista Reveals No Grudge With Salgado

Former Atletico Madrid player Juninho Paulista has revealed that he has no grudge over former Real Madrid star Michel Salgado. The two were involved in an ugly clash that resulted in the former suffering a broken leg. This meant that he had to miss out on the World Cup 1998. Now, he says that he has never had a problem with the tackle from Salgodo, but it was the referee who went unpunished after this incident. He says that the referee should have been punished retrospectively for not taking action.

Paulista was then one of the top players for the Brazilian national team, but he had to miss out on the World Cup due to this injury. He has revealed the pain of watching his players play at the most prestigious tournament in the world, while he missed out on selection. However, Paulista says that the players were not wasted after he was selected for the 2002 World Cup. Brazil managed to win the World Cup under the guidance of Luiz Felipe Scolari. Now, he says that this was perhaps the fate and it was meant to happen.

Salgado was playing for Celta de Vigo at the time. He went on to represent the likes of Real Madrid before retiring a few years ago.

“I do not keep that hurt. He took an attitude that he should not have taken. I did not know but Salgado took great care and wanted to go to the hospital to apologise, we was talking in the locker room that he did not intend but it’s complicated. The way he moved, the ball was in front, he did not aim for the ball, he aimed for my leg, of course not to break it though. I feel more angry, not with the player, but the attitude of the organization. The referee wasn’t punished, I don’t think he even gave a yellow, just a foul,” said the Brazilian.

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