Michel Salgado reckons that there is no lack of football talent in United Arab Emirates and the country is fully capable of producing world class players, but, for that, it’s necessary that the right kind of coaching structure is set up.

Salgado was in Dubai the other day launching a school level competition. He talked to the correspondents of the TV channels who were out there covering that event.

When asked if he thinks that there is enough football potential in this part of the world, the former Spanish international said, “Yes, I think so. But, having potential is not everything. The guidance is important too. A player needs to work under quality coaches from his teenage if he has to flourish at the highest level.”

“The affects of the professional league are already visible here. The youngsters are getting better and better and I have no doubt in my mind that some years down the line, UAE will become a very strong side.”

“It takes a bit of time. The professional leagues have been taking place in the European nations since a very long time, so, matching them straightaway is impossible. But, as time goes on, things will change and some world class footballers will come out of this country.”

Salgado is considered as a legend in Europe. He played professional football for about a couple of decades and had a lot of success. He called it a day a couple of years back at the age of 37.
Salgado who used to play at the right back position spent most parts of his career playing in the Spanish top flight. However, his career ended in England as he played his last professional match for the English Championship club Blackburn Rovers.

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